Mani Tuesday Inspiration

Mani Tuesday

As every Tuesday we need to share some mani inspiration! This week I share this fun and colorful manis from around the web. One of my favorites is the nautical nails, there is nothing else that screams summer more than a navy blue polish with an anchor, LOVE!

Get inspired before you go to the salon or before you run to the store to get a new nail polish!

Mani Tuesday Inspiration

Summer Nails Inspiration

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Puppy Approves Baby Sister

Puppy Approves Baby Sister How much do we love our animals!!! Cats, dog, chicken, bird or whatever your pet is, they can be a very important part of your life.

Bacon Ranch Turkey Wrap

Bacon Ranch Turkey Wrap

Looking for healthy, quick and tasty options to start the week, then you NEED to take a look to this Weight Watchers friendly Bacon Ranch Turkey Wrap from Laaloosh.

Not only it looks delicious but is a healthier  than most wraps I’ve seen and super easy to make. What I love to the most is that Laaloosh included the Weight Watchers points for the recipe, which I LOVE since I will be starting my…

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Bikini Shape-Up Circuit With Weights

Bikini Shape-Up Circuit With Weights

Bikini Shape-Up Circuit With Weights

Keeping your bikini body can’t be hard and challenging. If you are looking to boost your metabolism this Bikini Shape-Up Circuit With Weights from Fitsugar is for you!

This is a circuit workout full multitasking moves to tone your body! Is so cool, you can even print your workout with all the details and get ready to tone your body.

Also Fit Sugar has a 21 Day Flat-Belly Challenge you should…

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10 Ways to Fix Your Hair

10 Ways to Fix Your Hair

hair mondayFor this Hair Monday I wanted to share this FANTASTIC 10 ways to fix your hair from the AMAZING blogger Julia. Getting ready for the week sometimes is a pain, especially on Mondays that you feel like you needed it an extra day over the weekend (isn’t that any weekend?!). Well this post from Gal Meets Glam by Julia might help you to plan your hair style for the week. YAY! Up, down, sleek or curly…

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13 Lessons In Healthy Living You Learned From Sex And The City

13 Lessons In Healthy Living You Learned From Sex And The City

It’s Friday and Friday always for some weird reason reminds me of Sex and the City. It might be all the fun Fridays I had with my girls getting ready watching this show to give us some sassiness, I know silly!

For all the girls, (and the boys  we know you watch it too) who love Sex and the City shared this awesome 13 Lessons In Healthy Living You Learned From Sex And The City from Buzzfeed.


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18 Photos That Prove Sparklers Are A Must At Your Wedding

18 Photos That Prove Sparklers Are A Must At Your Wedding


Our Wedding Photo
Photographer: Erica Velasco

Have you ever dream about sparklers at your wedding but have no idea how will they work or if they are even worth it. WELL take a look at this photos Buzzfeed shares.
I loved the idea of having sparklers at my wedding. For us it was a little late and most of our guest were gone but still we got our bridal party and rest of our amazing guests together…

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Life-Changing Hacks for Doing Your Nails

Life-Changing Hacks for Doing Your Nails

Mani Tuesday today is all about hacks! How we can get a mani-pedi without hassle. Some of this tricks will blow your mind. I love to learn something new everyday!

Here I share 20 Life-Changing Hacks for Doing Your Nails from Cosmo. Check it out!

Life-Changing Hacks for Doing Your Nails

1. Line your nails with petroleum jelly or white craft glue before painting them for an easy cleanup.

If you’re…

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Bridal Hairstyles & Wedding Updos

Bridal Hairstyles & Wedding Updos

 hair monday

Bridal Hairstyles & Wedding Updos

Today on our Hair Monday, we wanted to share hairstyles and updos for all the upcoming brides. :)

When it comes to choosing how your hair will look for your big day you might like to find a hairstyle that goes hand to hand with the style of your gown, your type of hair, your makeup and ultimately with a style you feel comfortable and fabulous.

Especially now that Summer is here and humidity…

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Healthy and Portable High-Protein Snacks

Healthy and Portable High-Protein Snacks

Weekend is over and if you had a fun and full of food weekend you might want to start making healthy choices after tomorrow. What can keep you full and energize to attack the day? Healthy protein snacks. Not only after you hit the gym but before and after.

My problem, my inspiration is very little and I run to the easiest CARBS! Well this is why I wanted to share this list of healthy and portable…

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